#RacingforHeroes: Get tips for Motorsport

Five Drivers

Our drivers are all highly regarded to be potential stars of the future, and already no strangers to winning races. They are all proud to fly the flag.

Andy Priaulx MBE
Andy Priaulx MBE

European and triple World Touring Car Champion

Andy Priaulx MBE “Help for Heroes and the guys it supports is something close to all of our hearts and without a doubt their work should be supported not just today and tomorrow, but for the future.#RacingforHeroes unique direction combining charity support, driver development and the natural marketing and PR benefits, offer something pretty special that’s very rare within motorsport sponsorship. Having a wealth of experience in my own funding activities, platforms like this offer exactly what companies are looking for – an unbeatable vehicle to drive their business forward eye of the horus.”

Our Why

Soldiers are truly the heroes of our nation. Several thousand soldiers return home with the wounds of war imprinted on to their minds. For many, however, those wounds are more than just mental. We are trying to raise money in order to help those wounded soldiers. Motorsports is our preferred route to help those true heroes. Motorsports has long provided huge entertainment and excitement for fans and racers alike. Unsurprisingly, this encompasses different aspects and it even includes F1 betting among the numerous options.


A soldier goes through plenty of trauma merely by being the battlefield. However, it is also quite feasible for them to suffer injuries that takes their life to those that change their life forever. We do understand the huge difficulty that these real-life heroes face in order to get the life back on track. Our vision is to make the switch easier, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to get their life back on track. Our soldiers displayed plenty of commitment, passion, and courage. It is time that we repaid them.

#RacingforHeroes will compete in the most successful motorsport event in Europe – The British Touring Car Championship and support races.

One Team

We are the first team to compete across all senior race events in the TOCA championship, and also proud to race in support of Help for Heroes.

Our team of five drivers will be competing across different championships in order to support our wounded soldiers. This is truly a serious encounter, and Andy Priaulx MBE is a racer who could be top of the F1 odds leaderboard if he were to take part in the F1 calendar, but the triple World Touring Car Champion is among those entering into the races as a fitting reward for our soldiers.

Such experience is of paramount importance, as everyone needs to be aware about the scale of the competition – British Touring Car Championship. Our team will be first to compete across all the senior races at TOCA Championship.

Choice of Sports

We aim to support the war heroes by forming up partnerships in the world of motorsports. Teaming up with large UK corporations, we will be ensuring that they provide substantial sponsorship revenue in exchange for world-class marketing and PR assistance. There is also substantial focus on Formula 1 betting and Moto GP betting, which happen to be a hugely popular side of motorsports.

Help for Heroes is a company registered in England and Wales under number 6363256. Registered charity number 1120920. Help for Heroes is registered as a charity in Scotland. Scottish charity number SC044984. Registered Office and Headquarters: 14 Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Downton, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 3RB. #RacingforHeroes is owned, run and managed by Stirling Motorsport Management Limited. Registered in England no.: 09206021.

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